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"Maybe you know Pedro Friedeberg as the man behind the now infamous Hand Chair. But did you know the Mexico City-based Friedeberg, along with Frida Kahlo, were the only two Mexican artists recognized by Andre Breton as part of the Surrealist movement? That makes Friedeberg the last of the Mexican Surrealists.

Apart from Friedeberg’s non-fictional architectural fantasies, he began producing furniture that rejected the predominantly international style of architecture and design that was being taught in Mexico. After designing his first chair, Friedeberg went on to design tables, couches, and love seats. This body of work, along with Friedeberg's obsessively crowded and meticulously detailed canvases, often included references to Tantric scriptures, Aztec codices, Catholicism, Hinduism, and symbols of the occult. Although his paintings, filled to overflowing with surprise, were sometimes described as examples of Surrealism or fantastic realism, they are not easily definable in terms of conventional categories. He used architectural drawing as the medium through which he created unusual compositions and also designed furniture and useless objects, admitting that his artistic activity was rooted in boredom. This sense of irony and surfeit imparted to his pictures, through the hallucinatory repetition of elements, an asphyxiating formal disorder. Friedeberg's work is a product of highly conscious, if not self-conscious, thought."-Juxtapoz

Museums and Public Collections

Musee du Louvre, Pavillon Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
Museum of Modern Art. México D.F., Mexico.
José Luis Cuevas Museum. México D.F., Mexico.
Televisa Cultural Center. México D.F., Mexico.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Toluca, México.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Museum of Contemporary Art. Patzcuaro Michoacán, Mexico.
Museum of Modern Art New York, NY USA
Museum of Contemporary Art . Chicago Ill, USA
Museum of contemporary Art New Orleans, LA USA
Pan American Union, Washington D.C. USA
Library of The Congress, Washington DC
Worcester Art. Museum Worcester, Mass
Rose Art Museum Brandies University, Boston Mass.
Washington and Lee University, Virginia, USA
Arizona State University, College, Arizona, USA.
Milwaukee Art Center Milwaukee, Minneapolis, USA.
California Palace of the Legion of Honor San Francisco, Cal. USA.
The Swann Collection of Caricature, New York, USA
J. Patrick Lannan Foundation Palm Beach Florida, USA.
Fort Lauderdale Art. Museum, Florida, USA.
The Ringling Museum Sarasota, Florida, USA.
National Research Library, Ottawa, Canada
The Science Museum Toronto, Canada
Vaughan Collection, Beaverbrook Art. Gal Canada
Musee Dárt Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France
Cavalino Museum, Brescia, Italy
Museum of Modern Art, Telaviv, Israel
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
National Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad Iraq
Casa de las Americas Habana, Cuba
Cultural Institut of Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico
Ponce Museum of Art, Puerto Rico
Franklin Rawson Museum, Argentina
Omar Rayo Museum Roldanillo, Colombia
East Texas Art Museum Beaumont, Texas, USA. Marco Museum, Monterrey N.L. Mexico.
Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. USA
Museo de Arte Abstracto, Zacatecas, Mexico
Museo Iconografico de el Quijote, Guanajuato, Mexico

Individual Shows

1959 Diana Gallery, México, D.F.
1960 Protec Gallery, México, D.F.
1962 Antonio Souza Gallery, México, D.F.
1962 Villa Andre Bloc Gallery, Paris, France.
1962 Carstairs Gallery, New York, USA
1963 Pan American Union, Washington, DC, USA
1963 The Foz Palace, Lisboa, Portugal.
1963 Gallerie Carroll, Munich, Germany.
1964 Byron Gallery New York, USA.
1965 Gallerie Brusberg Hanover, Germany
1965 Gallerie Hella Nebelung Dusseldorf.
1965 Container Corporation of America Chicago, Ill, USA
1965 International Gallery, Baltimore. USA
1966 Antonio Souza Gallery, México DF.
1966 Feingarten Gallery Los Ángeles, Cal, USA
1967 Kiko Galleries Houston, Texas, USA
1968 Glade Gallery, New Orleans, USA
1968 Antonio Souza Gallery , México DF
1970 Maurice Sternberg Gallery, Chicago, USA
1971 Misrachi Gallery, México D.F.
1971 Exconvento del Carmen, Guadalajara Jalisco, México.
1971 Gloria Luria Gallery, Miami, USA
1971 Gallery of Modern Art. Phoenix, Arizona, USA
1974 Pecanis Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
1974 Misrachi Gallery, México DF
1974 Grace Hokin Gallery Palm Beach, California, USA
1975 Casa de la Cultura Puebla, Puebla, México.
1975 Casa de la Campana Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.
1975 Galerie Iris Clert, Paris France.
1976 Covo de Iongh Gallery Miami Florida, USA
1976 Gloria Luria Gallery Miami, Florida USA
1976 Grace Hokin Gallery Chicago, Ill USA
1978 The Art Center Museum Waco Texas, USA
1978 Goldman Gallery Haifa, Israel.
1979 Harcourt’s Gallery San Francisco, California, USA
1979 Kopeliovitch Gallery Montreal, Canadá
1979 Mixografia Gallery Los Ángeles, California, USA
1981 Phyllis Needleman Gallery Chicago, Ill, USA
1983 Galería del Círculo México, DF
1983 Speranza Gallery Montreal, Canadá.
1983 Mixografia Gallery Los Ángeles, California, USA
1984 Ravel Gallery Austin Texas, USA
1984Galería Manolo Rivero Mérida Yucatán, México.
1985 Galería Mer-kup México, DF
1985Centro Cultural El Nigromante San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.
1985 Carmen Llewellyn Gallery New Orleans, USA
1986 Museum of Modern Art, México, DF
1986 Biblioteca Pape Museum, Monclova, Coahuila, México
1987 Vorpal Gallery New York, USA
1988 Carmen Llewellyn Gallery New Orleans, USA
1990 Galería de Arte Mexicano, México , DF
1990 Galería Latane Temple San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.
1991 El Nigromante Cultural Center, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.
1992 Cultural Institute of Veracruz, Veracruz, México.
1992 Cultural Institute of Veracruz, Córdoba, Veracruz, México.
1992 REF Studios Houston Texas, USA
1993 Gallery of Fine Art . San Antonio Texas, USA
1994 Gallerie Simonne Stern New. Orleans, USA
1995 Galería de Arte Mexicano Bellas Artes San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
1996 Galería de Arte Mexicano México D.F.
1996 Museo Casa de Diego Rivera Guanajuato, México.
1997 Tribute to Pedro Friedeberg.
1997 Omar Rayo Museum, Roldanillo Colombia
1997 144 cartas, Galería Salón San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
1997 Tarot y Zodiaco Multimedia Cultural Center San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
1997 Galerie Simmone Sterne New Orleans, USA.
1998 Terán Cultural Institute. Aguascalientes, Ags. México
1998 Museum of Contemporary Art. Phoenix Arizona, USA
1998 Pedro Friedeberg Museum, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. México
1998 “Archivo General del Estado de Pachuca”, Hidalgo, México
1998 Museum of The Palace of Fine Arts, México DF
2000 Cultural Institute Isidro Fabela, México D.F.
2000 Drexel Galery, Monterrey, NL. México.
2000 Galerie im Gassla. Nuremberg, Germany
2001 “Festival del Desierto” La Paz, SLP , Mexico.
2002 Museum of Mexican History, Monterrey, NL, México
2002 Antiguo Palacio del Arzobizpado México DF
2003 Studio DVO, Bruxels, Bélgium
2004 Pecannins Gallery, México D.F.
2005 Cultural Institute, Aguascalientes, México
2006 Museo Tequila Cuervo, Tequila, Jalisco
2007 Galeria Casa Diana, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
2007 Museuo de la Acuarela, Mexico DF
2008 Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Mexico DF
2008 Galeria Ruiz Healy, San Antonio, Texas
2009 "Confusiones Impecables", Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico DF
2009 Galeria Reyna Henaine, New York, USA
2010 "Barroquismo", Palacio Municipal, Puebla, Puebla
2010 "Arbol de la VIda", Festival Bicentenario, Zocalo, Mexico DF
2010 Centro Cultural El Cubo, Tijuana, Mexico
2011 Instituto Plitecnico, Facultad Arquitectura, Mexico DF
2011 Galeria Fifty, Mexico DF

Group Shows

1960 “Los Hartos” de Mathias Goeritz, México, DF
1960 4000 years of Mexican Art, National University of México.
1964 Paris Biennale, France.
1965 “Box Show” Byron Gallery, New York, USA.
1966 “Fantastic Furniture” Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, USA.
1966Surrealismo y Arte Fantástico Aristos Gallery, México, DF
1966 “Confrontación 66” México D.F.
1966“Cordoba Biennale”, Cordoba, Argentina.
1966“Labyrinthe Kunstakademie Berlín, Germany
1967 “Expo 67” Toronto, Canadá
1968 “Hemisfair”, San Antonio, USA
1968“Solar Exhibition”, México D.F.
1969 Contemporary Latin American Artists, Wilmington Museum, USA
1969 Art of Ancient and Modern Latin America, New Orleans, USA
1969 International Exhibition of Drawings, Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
1969 XX Sao Paolo Biennale, Brasil.
1970 Montevideo Biennale, Uruguay
1971 Plástica Mexicana Annual Salon, México DF
1972 Mexican Fantasy Art. Beaumont Museum Texas, USA
1973 Mexican Watercolors and Graphic works.Tampa and Orlando Museums, USA
1973 Surrealist Artists of the New World. Abele Gallery. Madrid, Spain
1973 Biennale Coltejer, Medellín, Colombia .
1974 3 Mexican Artists Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec and Calgary, Museums. Canada.
1974 Mexican Contemporary Art. Tokio and Kyoto Museums, Japón.
1974 The Art of our Time. San Carlos Academy, México, DF
1974 First International Biennale of Graphic Work. Segovia Spain.
1974 Panamerican Graphic Art Biennale, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1975 V World Psiquiatric Congress. Museum of Modern Art, México, D.F.
1977 “Pastelart and Games”. Pecanins Gallery México D.F.
1978 “The Post Vanguard” Naples, Italy.
1978 “International Mail Art” Brescia, Italy
1978 “Mantua Mail” 78 Mantua, Italy.
1978 First Microbiennale of Postal Miniatures, Italy.
1978 Mer-Kup Gallery, México D.F.
1979 11th International Biennale of Prints. Tokyo, Japan.
1979 The Engrave Triennale. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1979 Biennale of de San Juan de Puerto Rico.
1979 “Chinchismo” La Chinche Gallery México D.F.
1980 Third World Biennale of Graphic Art. London, Great Britain.
1980 Contemporary Mexican Masters. Houston, Texas USA.
1980 Urban Friction. Contemporary Art Forum, México D.F.
1981 Banamex Painting Exhibition. 1981 México D.F.
1982 Tribute to Pablo Picasso. Metropolitan Gallery México D.F.
1985 Biennale of Oslo, Norway
1985 19 Mexican Peintres, L’Espace Latinoamericain, Paris France.
1985 25 Anniversary. Casa de las Americas. Habana Cuba.
1985 Contemporary Art Forum and Casa de las Americas, Habana, Cuba
1986 Confrontation 86. Palace of Fine Arts, México
1986 Surrealism Exhibition, Nacional Museum of Art, México
1991 Parallel Proyect. Mary Anne Martin New York , USA
1991 Tribute to Fernando Gamboa. Palace of Fine Arts. México D.F.
1991 “Jesusa Workshop”. La Estampa Museum México D.F.
1992 “Tribute to Antonio Souza” Del Lago Gallery. México D.F.
1992 VIII Domecq Iberoamerican Biennale of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, México
1993 Jesusa Workshop. Centre Culturel du Mexique, Paris, France.
1993 Past and Present. Banamex. Centro Histórico. Palacio Iturbide México D.F.
1993 “Letter Perfect” New Orleáns Museum, USA
1993 Arte Objeto Cervantino Festival, Guanajuato, México
1993 Museum of Contemporay Art MARCO, Monterrey, NL. México
1993 "100 Mexican Painters” MARCO Museum, Monterrey, NL, México
1996 Museum of Contemporay Art MARCO, Monterrey, NL. México
1997 “Selfportraits”. Museum of Modern Art. México D.F.
1997 “Dialogos Insolitos” Museum of Modern Art. México D.F.
1997 “Designed for Delight” Museum of Decorative Arts, Montreal , Canada.
1997 Museums of Cracovia, Berlín Londres and Paris.
1999 “Hommage to the drawing on pencil. Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, México D.F.
1999 “Projekt Nürenberg” Galerie im Gässla Nürenberg, Germany.
1999 Diverses Disciplines. Arte Mexicano Gallery, México D.F.
1999 “Tribute to J. A. Manrique “, Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato
1999 “Portraits” Simone Stern Gallery. New Orleans, USA
1999 “V Arte Bancomer Salon”México DF
1999 “World Festival on Art on Paper” Kranj Yugoslavia
1999 “Contemporary Mexican Graphic Work” Minister of Foreign Affairs. México.
2000 “Mexican School from The Rupture to Geometrism”
2000 Palace of Fine Arts, México D.F.
2000 “From my Colection” CONACULTA, Itinerant exhibition.
2001 “Boxes” House of the first Press, México D.F,
2001“Estampa 2001” Cultural Center El Nigromante, S.M.A. Guanajuato, Mexico.
2001 “Latin American Artists” Jose Luis Cuevas Colection. Mexico
2003 “Aparentemente Sublime” Museum of Modern Art, México D.F.
2003 “Nopal Urbano”, México DF
2006 "Bancas" Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico DF
2008 "Campanas" Paseo de la Reforna, Mexico DF
2012 Cinetismo, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico DF
2012 Ceramica Uriarte, Museo Franz Meyer, Mexico DF


1966 Córdoba Argentina, Biennale. 2nd. Prize
1967 Solar Exhibition México, D.F. 1st. Prize
1979 Buenos Aires, Argentina Engraving Triennale.
1979 2nd. Prize San Juan de Puerto Rico
1979 Biennale. 1st Prize
1984 XI Bienaale of Graphic Works. Tokio, Japan. Special Award.
1993 “Artistic Creator” Dsignation by the Nacional System of Mexican and Foreign Creators.
2011 Prize for cultural merit, Mexico City Government, Mexico DF.
2012 Legionaire of Number, National Legion of Honor, Mexico.
2012 Medalla de las Bellas Artes, INBA, Mexico DF


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